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  1. k4mino

    SOLD Sun Tiger Natsuya #2

    Selling this Suntiger Brand Natsuya. This stone is from around 1955 and will be no longer mined. It was excavated in the Showa Era in Rikuzentakata City. It’s a fine and hard stone that is around 2.5k grit. You need to open up with Atoma to creating a good amount of fine slurry. The stone has a...
  2. k4mino

    WTS Ohira Uchigomori Hato. *** Price Drop***

    Selling this Beautiful Ohira Uchigomori Hato. Leaving a even and typical cloudy finish, that brings out a good contrast. It’s a stone of medium hardness with around 3.0-3.5 and a fineness around 4. Nice to use on knives with bigger bevel or tricky Shinogi lines and will remove all visiable...
  3. Censere

    WTS Okudo, Ohira Uchi, Shoubu, Maruo, Hideri

    Update: Major price decrease Selling some repeats. All performers, mostly hand picked in Japan. Some rarer stuff, but all affordable. Mostly in the condition that I bought them in, except a few demo runs & uses on the back side of the Maruo Mostly priced at a good discount or at my purchase...
  4. Miyamoto Musashi

    Natural stone polishing on semi-stainless steels?

    Has anyone here ever taken SKD or any other semi-stainless steels through a polishing progression? Was it a pain? Would be curious to hear other peoples’ experiences!
  5. Miyamoto Musashi

    Why all of the hype around Aoto?

    From what I’ve read and based on my own experience, it’s not a fantastic polishers and there is a large variance from stone to stone? I’m not knocking on Aoto, and as far as naturals go, I have a long way to go. Just want to learn why they are so coveted. Do you think it’s mainly due to low...