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  1. 1

    WTB Looking for an RWL-⁷34, knife, 200-220 mm

    Looking for a knife made in rwl34. After all, you gotta love a guy that said, "A knife is a tool, and I make ’em to be used. It burns me up that most of them wind up in velvet boxes and display cases, priced so high your average deer hunter or cowboy can’t afford ’em." If you have an rwl-34...
  2. Beau Nidle

    230mm stainless gyuto

    Another knife for sale! I went monosteel on this one, RWL-34 heat treated to around 61-62HRC. The grind is kind of a workhorse towards the heel with a significant distal taper, but still chunky, if that makes sense. 230mm length 49mm height 230grams Spine thickness - 3mm at the handle, 2.7mm...