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  1. k4mino

    WTS - EU Shapton Glass HR 1000, 4000, 6000, 8000 / Naniwa Pro 5000 **Price Drop**

    Hey, Im selling this Shapton Glass Stones. They are almost they and less than 5 times used. So they all have still the original height. Shapton Glass HR 1000, 14.7 micron, 21 cm - 35€ 30€ - SOLD Shapton Glass HR 4000, 3.68 micron, 21 cm - 40€ 35€ Shapton Glass HR 6000, 2.45 micron, 21 cm - 50€...
  2. 1

    SOLD Shapton glass & ceramics whetstones, barely used

    Been trying to get good at sharpening on whetstones for a while and just never got the hang of it. Deciding to get an easier system like the worksharp. Stones have barely been used. Trying to sell as a lot all at once. In order in the picture: Shapton #220 Glass Sharpening Stone HR (this one...
  3. Pikehaus

    Shapton Glass

    There is a lot of knowledge here about the SG stones from some very knowledgeable people. However, there seems to be contradictory opinions out there. Some say it's slightly softer than the Kuromakus. Some say it's softer than the Naniwa pros and on the softer side of SNG stones. I have even...