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  1. K

    WTS - EU Nakayama Kiita Suita

    Hey, Im Selling my Nakayama Kiita Suita just because I bought a new bigger one. 181x70x22mm 660g Hardness 4.5 Can be used as final finisher or for polishing. Leaves a shiny finish with good contrast. Pretty fast and fine Stone There is still a number stamp on the backside but it’s almost faded...
  2. leeskeeee

    Any thoughts on JNATs from CarbonKnifeCo?

    I have my eye on the Maruo Shiro Suita from for a while but there are no descriptions or notes about the stone. Has anyone purchased JNATs from there before? Curious how your experience went and if the stones had undisclosed toxic inclusions or lines you had to dig out. Thanks...
  3. DHunter86

    WTS Rare Okudo Ao Renge Suita

    Holiday Sale A full-sized Okudo Ao Renge suita that is clean, hard, fine, and very fast cutting. Edges are toothy yet smooth off the stone, perfect for sharpening high-end tools and knives. Such complete and clean pieces of Okudo suita are very hard to come by these days. The stone itself is...