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  1. Martyfish

    Comparison Review: SylvainM Passaround Knife

    Introduction I took part in a passaround from @SylvainM and wanted to post a review here as well as in the passaround thread. I want to start off by saying that it has been an absolute pleasure to interact with @SylvainM during the passaround. He reached out to me via DM shortly before I...
  2. SylvainM

    WTS 350mm sujihiki - 1.2442 steel - With saya

    Hello all, As I set myself an objective this year of going to bigger blades (my past production was centered on the French market with many blades in the 160-200mm range), I allowed myself to build a nice little sujihiki for fun. As you'll see from the specs this is a rather "thin" sujihiki...
  3. SylvainM

    Passaround - SylvainM - C-Grind Bunka

    Hi all, As this is now a couple of weeks I hang on this forum I realize how much skills there are around here. This sounds a great opportunity to get feedback on my work, as this is probably the best way to improve ! Therefore I'd like to organize a passaround. This one will be restricted to...
  4. SylvainM

    WTS Sylvain M - Integral bolster 90 layers damascus gyuto - 235mm

    All, I joined this forum recently and although I mainly work on custom orders I'm willing to put up some of my work for sale here to get the forum members to know me a bit better. You'll find more information on myself and my career path in my intro post, but in a few words I'm a french knife...