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  1. k4mino

    WTS Ohira Uchigomori Hato. ***FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE***

    Selling this Beautiful Ohira Uchigomori Hato. Leaving a even and typical cloudy finish, that brings out a good contrast. It’s a stone of medium hardness with around 3.0-3.5 and a fineness around 4. Nice to use on knives with bigger bevel or tricky Shinogi lines and will remove all visiable...
  2. k4mino

    SOLD Uchigomori Hato

    Im selling this Uchigomori I directly bought from Namikawa in Japan. It is a final stone of the groundwork. The Stone is softer than medium. Uchigumori can make the Ha white and bring out the Ji. At this stage the Hamon should become clearly visible. There is no artificial substitute stone...