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  1. M

    Withdrawn Ohira Uchigumori for sale. Great quality, beautiful and rare

    Hi. I am thinking of selling this awesome soft uchigumori polisher. Perfect for kasumi finish. Leaves nice and smooth finish on the bevel. Could be used for sharpening too. Originally bought from Watanabe many years ago. At that time he said it was one of the best uchis that he came across...
  2. KasumiJLA

    Finger stones - What is your favourite beside uchigumori?

    Hi all 👋 New here but don't worry, I've been looking at KKF for a long time. I just didn't have the strength to join another community, but here I am and can't wait to share and discuss with all of you! My native language is French so I try my best to be the more accurate and make as few...