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  1. bshampton117

    WTS PRICE DROPPED Sakai Takayuki 240mm Ginsan Kamagata Usuba with Saya

    FOR SALE: Very slightly used (2-3 times in home kitchen) Sakai Takayuki Ginsan 240mm Kamagata Usuba with Saya. Purchased in July of 2023 from Hocho Knife, Japan. Had to be Goldilocks and find the right size. Selling my too big for me and too small for me Usubas. Finally got the "just right"...
  2. Perverockstar

    Kama Usuba options.

    Hello there. I'm gonna need a Kama Usuba soon. I already have experience with single beveled knives, katsuramagi, tsuma and other sushi bar tasks beside fish. Most of the time is gonna be hands on work, but I'll still use it on a cutting board for fine slicing veggies and herbs. For size I...