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  1. valdemarottesen

    WTB Konosuke Fujiyama 240 or 255

    Hello all. I have been lurking for some time and finally decided to make a profile after I saw some WTB and WTS posts about Konosuke knives. I have been looking for a Fujiyama for so long and just missed to 2nd April drop on cktg... This is my first real post so forgive me if I'm missing anything
  2. N

    Withdrawn Dalman Stainless PM 210 Gyuto

    Inspired by the many optimistic WTB's floating around, I thought I'd throw a line out and see if I can catch this one: Stainless pm 210 gyuto If you were the lucky buyer and it's sitting around in your drawer, drop me a message! Thanks for looking.
  3. Logan A.

    WTB Yoshihiko Akitomo Koubuse Kiritsuke/Gyoto

    Looking for a 240mm Yoshihiko Akitomo Koubuse Kiritsuke/Gyoto. Ideally a Kiritsuke though. These seem pretty hard to find in stock so please reach out if you want to sell one, or know where to buy one. Thanks!