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  1. Martyfish

    Bought Toyama Migaki Nakiri (180 or 210mm)

    Hi BST, I am looking for either a 180 or 210mm Toyama migaki nakiri, preferably within the EU. If you're looking to part with yours, please DM me the knife length and a price you'd be willing to sell it for. If the price is right, I'll request some photos (choil, tip and both blade faces) and...
  2. fritzdakitzla

    Bought HADO Blue 1 Damascus Gyuto 240mm

    Hey guys, fairly new to this forum but already love it here! I‘m looking for a HADO b1d gyuto in strictly 240mm. Preferably at least 5.6 or 5.7mm height at heel. Price based on condition and handle. Based in Germany so preferably looking to buy in the EU but willing to pay for int. shipping...
  3. S

    Hello guys any suggestion for a decent Utility knife?

    Hey guys I literally fell in love with handmade knives recently. I am looking for a nice handmade utility knife that's around 120mm to 135mm. I am a professional pastry cook, so I process fruits everyday. I really like to purchase a good utility knife. I don't really need any other knives for my...
  4. rgar4012

    WTB kipp laserpony

    This is pretty much the last grail knife on my list. Haven't had any luck finding one so I figured I'd pull a hail Mary and hope I get lucky. Not picky about the size or steel, even willing to go with a different grind if that's all I can find. Thx,
  5. Sjcn89

    Bought TSPROF K03 Pro Hunter or similar

    I’ve decided on a K03 knife sharpening system and looking to pick one up used, but preferably something newer (pro hunter maybe) and with some accessories to go with it. Let me know what you’ve got! Thanks!
  6. N

    Bought Dalman Stainless S-Grind 210mm-225mm

    This is highly ambitious......... but in the remote chance that you've got a Dalman S-Grind in either stainless AEB-L or the PM stainless that he did a while back in a shorter length around 210mm to 225mm, that you want to move on to a new home and you're happy to ship to Australia, hit me up!
  7. Valdemontano

    WTB Konosuke Fujiyama 240 or 255

    Hello all. I have been lurking for some time and finally decided to make a profile after I saw some WTB and WTS posts about Konosuke knives. I have been looking for a Fujiyama for so long and just missed to 2nd April drop on cktg... This is my first real post so forgive me if I'm missing anything
  8. N

    Withdrawn Dalman Stainless PM 210 Gyuto

    Inspired by the many optimistic WTB's floating around, I thought I'd throw a line out and see if I can catch this one: Stainless pm 210 gyuto If you were the lucky buyer and it's sitting around in your drawer, drop me a message! Thanks for looking.
  9. Logan A.

    WTB Yoshihiko Akitomo Koubuse Kiritsuke/Gyoto

    Looking for a 240mm Yoshihiko Akitomo Koubuse Kiritsuke/Gyoto. Ideally a Kiritsuke though. These seem pretty hard to find in stock so please reach out if you want to sell one, or know where to buy one. Thanks!