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    SOLD Old Stock Knives

    Hi all :), Was looking to see if i could move these two, catch and release Prices listed in USD Tatsuo ikeda kasumi w#2 (GenMigaku) 182 mm mukimono. Used by previous owner, bought on ebay $300 Old stock Yoshikane 105 mm w#2 ( Tsuneo Yoshida- san) hunting/ skinner. BNIB bought from JnS $200
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    SOLD (UPDATED) Yoshikane SLD black damascus 210

    Hi everyone, I am unluckily in a situation where I need to sell a couple of my knives. The second one to come up is a Yoshikane SLD black damascus 210 (see pics below). I ordered this knife from Epic and used it for exactly one test cut — hence absolutely new. Measurements: 215 x 46 mm, 137g...