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  1. MSicardCutlery

    WTS MSicard Cutlery 255mm Z-Wear San-Mai Gyuto (Semi-Custom)

    Hello All, One of my many areas of interest as a bladesmith is high alloy san-mai. The construction method can make difficult steels to work with somewhat less challenging for me, as well as more aesthetically pleasing for my customers. Around the holidays I completed a stainless clad 10v...
  2. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 230mm Z-Wear(CPM-CruWear) Light Work-Horse

    Hello All, Here's a first for me, a workhorse in Z-Wear.This is my first time working with this steel. I changed my blade profile up a bit on this one just for the sake of variety. For those of you unfamiliar with this steel it's essentially a CPM version of CruWear, which is more or less a...