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Nice one! Enjoyable to watch. (Jeez, something tells me I have to buy a nice axe...)
Nice :) I've been interested in some Axe makers but have yet to really take the plunge and order one.
This is horrible! I just caught myself fondling some nice looking axes at Home Depot thinking, "Winter's coming soon enough...every guy should have a good axe...."

And, now you show me this!?!
Sorry, it's too late to edit my post.

I just watched the video again, and I wish I could do that. That was amazingly awesome to me.
And here I have a 3' across beech lying in the back yard, somehow I think I might stick to the chainsaw to clear that mess up. Just getting into woodworking, and I'm definitely gonna have to have a look around for some nice mortising chisels.
Nice video. Just checked out his website, the axes are not as expensive as I thought they might be. The butchers axe caught my eye :viking:. Thanks for sharing!
My favorite part, of all the cool parts, is probably his shop.

I love these new videos on smithies with the nice cinematography and everything.