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Feb 28, 2011
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I'm having an issue.

I cut ton's of prep and your board is still looking awesome. I just don't understand, I board butter it a couple times a month and still nothing.

Without bringing the ax from the garage in, are there any helpful hints you can give.

Thanks for the great board, keep up the efforts. :D
I think he's just giving you an extremely positive comment about your work in a very backhanded way. :)
Yes, definitely a compliment, just having some fun with it.

Sorry David.

As a side note, I was talking to our daughter's friend, I asked him if he ever felt the back of my hand (while I looked at closely and kind of scratch at it). He replies "No", so I smacked him with it. LOL "Now you have!" (No kids were endangered in this joke, I just gave him a little jab with it, besides, he's gets hit a heck of a lot harder playing football.)
I took it as a compliment. LOL Thank you! Now, keep trying to wear it out so you will need another one.