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SOLD CPM 10v Honesuki

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Oct 23, 2020
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I recently finished making 2 cpm 10v honesukis. One was because I wanted to make myself a knife for cutting meat that had better edge retention than the western boning knives available. I also saw the honesukis available and thought that at a similar toughness I could get better edge retention out of a more modern steel, along with just a bit more corrosion resistance. I happened to be able to get a second knife out of the billet I made it from.

I don't have a Rockwell tester so I can't give you an exact hrc. The blade should be 65 or so with the heat treatment I did, but I'll call it 64 to be conservative l. The handle is spalted texas pecan, although the part I used for this knife doesn't show any spalting except a few bugholes that I filled in. The ferrule is black linen micarta white g10 and brass. I'll update with exact measurements of the blade if needed, also I'll ad more pictures. If needed.

I'm wanting to get $300 for this knife. With all the work that goes into making a knife with a steel like this I feel like that price is rather low.

One thing I can also offer is thinning if you ever need it later into the life of the blade, though because it's a honesuki you really shouldn't need to thin it, the blade is meant for more butchery related tasks than cutting vegetables or anything like that. If you do request that, you will need to cover the shipping to me and back.
Sure when I get some extra time in a little while I go ahead and add that.
Ok. Measurements.

Cutting edge. 123mm
Blade from handle to tip 132mm
Blade height at heel 33.5mm
Spine thickness above heel 3.15mm
Spine thickness near tip 2mm
crazy good price! that polish looks pretty great for 10v!
Thanks! I etched etched it, then polished the bevels, to give it a bit of a different look.

Yeah. The price won't be this low in the future for 10v for sure. It's partially because I was already going to make that one knife for myself, and was able to get this one as well.

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