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WTT Halcyon for Tsourkan

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Jun 25, 2021
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Hi all, I have acquired a few halcyons amd I'm looking to one of them for a Marko Tsourkan. If anyone has to many and wants to trade holler at me. Mainly looking for gyutos sub 230mm or sujis in the 250mm range. I'd also be interested in older nines or anything from Tony LaSuer. Please and thank you 😊

Here's what I got

230mm gyuto CPM-154 steel with a walnut and ebony handle. Laserish grind, not the original owner but in good condition TV $625

210mm gyuto 52100 steel s-grind w I th maple burl and African black wood handle. Not the original owner, it's seen a fair amount of use but in great condition TV $575

195mm gyoto wrought clad 1.2519 core with burnt Osage and African black wood handle. Custom order from Joe, light use. TV $550

150mm petty 52100 steel I forget what the handle is but it's really awesome (it's one of Joe's newer knifes on his website. Original owner used once. TV $450


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I have a 240mm western wh for trade. But i am looking for longer gyutos. Will send you some pics later...