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Apr 12, 2011
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Hello everyone,

Mike, not norwegian but from Trondheim, Norway.
Chef by training, passion, love, madness and profession.
Own humble set of cheap knives and few jstones.
I like to sharpen them cause i need them sharp ut it also allows me to concetrate and relax. Passion more than a must
"Anything you do, do it well, or stop". I'm trying.

PS: didnt know such a forum existed, what a shame i aint found it years back.
This forum's only been in existence since late February of this year, although many of the members have been posting on other forums for years.

Allright. That is why usual date of joining in is feb/march 2011...
I meant also that when i started it took me very long time to learn how tu use the stone and maintain it and be clever with, it not to mention sharpening itself, which was a mistery for me for some time. But i havent gave up and now every time its more and more fun.

And then, when i wasted stone or two, theres forum and dvd's and all of you guys... :)