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SOLD M2 240x62mm gyuto

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Blank Blades.

Blank Blank.
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Oct 23, 2020
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Asking price $500 shipped (including paypal fees etc)

M2 steel

66.5 hrc

Handle is giraffe bone, and leopard wood.

Cutting edge length is about 244mm

62mm tall

Spine at handle 3.41mm
Half way 2.25
10mm behind tip .8mm

The hira is hollow ground as you can see in the choil shot. I thought it would be interesting to make an intentionally hollow hira. I think it will maintain better than an s grind, though i doubt it will have the food release a deep hollow would have but likely better than the normal flat hira would.

M2 steel, also know as high speed wootz (not really but i felt like calling it that) has very nice looking banding when etched similar to how 52100 does. Though it shows up a bit better.

As far as properties, its the most balanced of the high alloy ingot steels imo. Good wear resistance (less than m4, but more than something like a2, similar to d2), the toughness is quite decent for the wear resistance (better than d2). It sharpens up very nicely. Most of the time I'm surprised how well it takes a hair popping edge after i havent made an m2 knife in a little while.

You can likely get away with using more traditional stones for this steel. Personally i like using diamond for it. But it likely wouldnt significantly hinder performance like using normal stones on 4v, 10v, k390 etc might.

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Just uploading directly here. To not blow up my instagram too much with cutting videos.

Cutting normal potate
Somehow ended up picking up these marks in the finish. Idk if its because i didnt bother washing those potatoes and they had sand on them or what.


Anyway. Since those are there, ill do a price drop.

$450 shipped. (besides outside the us, the shipping will cost a bit more)

Edit. Oh dont mind the botches. Thats just oil i keep them covered in oil, wrapped in plastic to avoid issues with anything that could potentially happen like rust.