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SOLD Mizuno Blue 2 Honyaki 150mm Petty

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Jan 9, 2019
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Bend, OR
Hey folks, going to part with a nice Mizuno petty that I've used, sharpened once, and enjoyed. I ordered it custom from June directly, about 1 year ago give or take a month. It's Blue 2, really nice 50/50 grind for a petty (love his grinds) and has a nice almost bull nose on it which for me works really well and takes a wicked edge it holds forever. I upgraded the handle with Jun to a dark horn/Ebony handle, and there is a nice patina started on the blade. Also includes a saya (simple) that June made for it.
I paid a touch over $950 for it, and would ask $800 CONUS, $850 Int'l here. Expensive for a petty, but also a rare find in a small honyaki this nice. Specs and photos below.
Blue 2 steel honyaki, oil quenchedEbony octogonal with black horn ferrule92 grams32mm140mm274mm