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SOLD Snake Sells a Naniwa Diamond 1k

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May 17, 2014
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Hey All,

Selling a Naniwa Diamond 1k stone with cleaner nagura. Why you ask? I’m bored and want to try and buy some new stuff. This is an all around great diamond plate I just like trying new stuff and selling stuff off for good deals to you all. Priced stupid low for what they cost, price includes shipping conus, no international, you know the drill :)

Used for a while, cleaned maybe twice with the nagura because it’s never needed more than that. Never had to use it for flattening or any dishing at all.

Price $100.00
As an added on note to any potential buyer, a little bar keepers friend and a soft sponge also works great for cleaning this thing up from light use or light loading. Don’t go ham with steel wool or something but soft sponge and bkf works great just rinse it off thoroughly after
@SolidSnake03 is also awesome. Great guy to interact with.

100% this - he's answered questions regarding this line of stones with really solid answers.

And if you've never tried one of these stones, they feel nothing like working with a plate. My 3K feels smooth, but not glassy and not scratchy like plates feel. If your concern is getting the best edges, I wouldn't hesitate on this great deal.
Lets consider this one sold! I have a main buyer and someone next in line for it so I'm going to go ahead and mark it sold, thanks all!

Also, agree with Esoo, these plates are nothing like the typical Atoma or DMT style diamond plates. Those things are like sharpening on a gritty cheese grater regarding how they feel. These feel much more like a very smooth and very hard synth to a degree, less feedback than synths overall but not glassy or dead by any means :)