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WTB Tsourkan WH 220 - 230mm wa handle

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Sep 19, 2016
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I'm looking for a well cared for/lightly used Tsourkan workhorse in either AEB-L or 52100. I would prefer his D-handle but octagonal is also mine. Standard gyuto profile preferred to k-tip.
I also have a number of knives I'd consider for trades or trades plus cash (either direction).

Edit: In retrospect I probably have listed my desired size range a 225 - 230 mm, however, I'd certainly consider edge lengths up to 235 or as short as 220 mm. Heel heights preferred in the 50 to 54 mm range.
Edit #2: Will also consider a 240. As noted I have some possible knives for trade including a KKF drop Dalman honyaki 245 x 55, 195g as new (never stropped or sharpened, only a few test cuts by Hassanbensober and myself)
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