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May 17, 2021
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Hello guys,
I know I am not the only one looking for a Yanick, but here I am. I have 3 knives from him and I absolutely love everything on them.
Open to pretty much anything from Yanick, except big gyutos (I already have a 250mm from him) and nakiris.
I have cash for sure, but also beautiful knives to trade, some of them being pretty rare (including a custom 240 mm Xerxes, a Kamon 230mm from the mass drop, a Jiro 225mm wa handle, a Konosuke fuji blue 1 Damascus 240mm, 2 Raquins, 1 std Kato 240mm and even a Kaiju ..).
Feel free to ask and propose. I can provide pictures if you want.
Thanks for looking