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Withdrawn Yoshimi Kato 240mm

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Oct 31, 2022
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New Jersey
hello knife enthusiasts
this is my first post on here ever ..! So here it goes ..! Please be kind op minded and honest.. I will be too !
the 240mm gyuto was the very first knife that started my collection of pieces of art from all over the world..! Well guys I have to be honestly open about this. I was just reading and listening to what others did on here and are doing everything that they love absolutely nothing wrong about it..! Me too . So I bought this Kato thinking that I could now be part of the cult groups following Kato and I would finally owne one also ..!! Lol I soon found out that the Kato they all go extra excited about all day long ..!! Was not the same Kato as mine was and there are two really different types of smiths both great but from completely different areas of Japan! 🇯🇵 🇯🇵 Yoshimi Kato R2/SG2 Black Damascus 240mm Gyuto with Polished White Nacre Acrylic Handle
it cost me $640 dollars USD
I’m asking $450 dollars 💵 USD
please USA 🇺🇸 shipping only I use priority mail usps ground with tracking information and bought brand new from Burrfectionstore.com
please as me anything else you need to know about the knife..!! I hate to see it go but my new favorite colors are arogami one blue 1 or 2 my favorite now ..! Yoshikazu Tanaka..!
here it goes guys first 15$ dollars shopping I will cover and send all tacking information to you ASAP


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It would be hard to replace this knife for a better knife at $450. Glws
I’m only asking $375 for the knife ..! I bought this knife from burrfection for $675 two years ago and used it at work and home a few different times .. I strop it before service and on raw cow hide leather with no compounds..!
I was sell some of my collection pieces on eBay but figured out they take way too much money for making it sell ..!

I posted 5 knives for around 4-5 hundred dollars each and eBay gave me 275-300 from each one ..!

So I still have this knife for sale and I am asking $375 messages me anytime if you want to know more details about the knife and are interested in it ..!
Sincerely grateful
Craig Philly