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    Help to Design a Forum Knife!

    I always wonder why people are so hooked on the traditional Japanese design, while you can draw a gazillion lines through 3 points and produce a gorgeous design. This was also thinking outside the box. Maybe some of you will like them, while another part of you will dislike them.. These have...
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    Help to Design a Forum Knife!

    Thanks! I really like that western 240 too. I cook a lot as a home cook and this is what I'm looking for. I'm convinced it is a very usefull design. The low tip makes it more user-friendly; you don't have lift the handle too much when cutting with the tip. The flat curve makes it ideal to make...
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    Help to Design a Forum Knife!

    The idea behind the gyuoto was indeed to have a flatter curve than usual. It's a matter of preference. The slicers are ment to be nothing else, but the idea of a deboning knife in the same shape could be done. I would also make a deboning knife shorter and lower like you and JohnyChance suggest
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    Help to Design a Forum Knife!

    Just to make it all a little more confusing (the best ideas occur in total chaos), these slicers. I'd love to hear suggestions on these, since the latest post are all about "boning". Would you guys use the short one as a de-boning knife?
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    Help to Design a Forum Knife!

    Hi Dave, I made a design of the kind of knife I would really like, namely not to much curve and above all elegant, hence the worktitle I gave them; Chowa. I posted a few drawings some time ago on KF, but I returned the designs to the freezer. Personally I'm a stainless steel guy and I prefer...
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    Welcome to Kitchen Knife Forums!

    Bravo Dave, what an explosive start of this forum. I quit posting at KF since VendorGod colonized the whole thing. Looks like there will be no trouble with that over here...
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    Hello everyone!

    Nice to see so much familiar names around here.