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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    纯 pure 日本 Japanese 鋼 Steel 一刀斎虎徹 Brand name 作 Made
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    Fake Ashi Honyaki Sold

    Another input about this. Look how different the kanji on the knives are. The kanji "刀" should be connected (the upper right corner). The kanji "虎" doesn't have the little hook in the bottom pic.
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    WTS Discount Ikeda Honyaki (240) and Sukenari (270)

    Beautiful knives & reasonable prices. GLWS
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    Techniques Ramen 101. Tare & oil

    Thank you for sharing
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    Traded Konosuke 240mm MB gyuto

    The Saya is so beautiful.
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    Hi from Hong Kong

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    What about Takeshi Saji’s Suji? Any ideas?
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    WTT Shigefusa 240 kitaeji yanagi

    GLWT. If you changed your mind about the part “shig not for sale”, please PM. Thanks.
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    One Stone, but Which ?

    Chosera 800 is my pick
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    WTS Kato Sakimaru Takohiki 300mm BNIB

    What a beauty. GLWS!
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    WTS Two Tatsuo Ikeda / One Genkai

    If only the genkai were 2-side snow, I would take it in 1ms. :( That Fuji looks gorgeous. GLWS
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    what are you drinking tonight?

    Had some sake while sharpening a deba.
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    Show your newest knife buy

    Sick Damascus! Gratz!