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    BBQ Cleaver/Knife... Opinions? Thoughts?

    How hard is your bark? I can always break mine down with my fingers, and I get a pretty deep bark... I'd probably go with a good old German stainless steel chef knife. A cleaver seem like major overkill.
  2. J

    WTB Cai dao, Chinese vegetable cleaver (EU)

    Gotta agree with the CCK 1303 recommendations. I just got one and I cannot believe how nicely it cuts. Really nice for vegetable prep. Mine has the laser etching, rather than the stamped characters, but after seeing how it cuts, I could care less.
  3. J

    Show your newest knife buy

    Decided it was time to give a cleaver a try… my new CCK 1303. Haven’t cut anything yet, but I’m surprised how light it is.
  4. J

    Do You Use Your "Expensive" Knives?

    If only my wife were so easy to convince!
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    Do You Use Your "Expensive" Knives?

    My lament as a a home cook is that I just don't get to use my nicer knives as much as I'd like. Most of my knives probably wouldn't qualify as pricy compared to many on KKF, but they are still the best blades I've used and I look for excuses to use them. I don't need a Denka 240 mm gyuto, but...
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    Thoughts on induction? And other kitchen reno questions

    Do you mean 'convection oven' maybe? I don't think induction ovens exist.... Why can you not use your cast iron pans? Fear of scratching the glass? My induction burner does fine with cast iron.
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    Thoughts on induction? And other kitchen reno questions

    Induction cooktops can produce a high-pitched whine with some types of pans. Older folks often cannot hear the whine, while younger ears find it quite painful. (I received a standalone induction burner as a gift, and with some pans, it made my 20-something kids literally run from the room...
  8. J

    Damascus clad 210 gyuto recommendation under $400.00

    The Masakage Shimo knives are nice, but the Maskage Kumo are really nice, too, if you can find one. The etched Damascus is really beautiful, and it is a bit sticky at first, but after you use it a bit, it just flies through ingredients. I have both, and both are really nice lines, but I actually...
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    Electric Spice Grinder Recommendations

    That actually looks pretty good... I've been looking for a burr grinder for spices to replace my hand-crank Khaw-Fee HG1B grinder, which was great at consistent grinds. Unfortunately, the metal used in the crank handle was too soft, and eventually the slot in the handle that mates with the...
  10. J

    New Used MAC PRO Knife

    It also helps if you view it in fullscreen mode. Nice thin edge!
  11. J

    Perma soak water. Solutions?

    To make foods shelf-stable and inhibit bacterial growth, you need to get pH below 4.2, and preferably below 3.4. Assuming a similar acidity is needed to keep your stones from getting funky, that's a pretty highly acidic solution. A small dash of vinegar in a bucket of water wouldn't do it.
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    Which Gyuto Should I Buy?

    I'm fairly new to J-knives, too, and I am finding that it's been very easy to transition from rocking to push cutting or chopping. I'm just an avid home cook, but these knives have really encouraged me to develop better knife skills by learning other techniques. My prep is not only faster and...
  13. J

    After a knife that makes removing silverskin off pork loin my favorite kitchen task

    A pointy petty is so much easier than a gyuto for removing silverskin, especially if you're not doing it daily. I prefer a petty for this task to a boning knife; the petty is a bit stiffer, which helps.
  14. J

    Help me add to my small collection!

    HD2s are very nice. I have a 270 and it's a joy to use.
  15. J

    kiridashi- recommendations for a cheap one?

    I'd suggest you go full throttle and get her a plasma cutter. No sharpening required.