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    Antique shopping, found 2 Japanese. Need help identifying

    Thank you, that was alot faster than I expected. Now I can try to find some information if possible.
  2. J

    Antique shopping, found 2 Japanese. Need help identifying

    hey everyone, so in preparation of buying some sharpening stones i decided to go out and look for some cheap blades to use as practice. as we were shopping i found various cleavers which were cheap enough but came across 2 Japanese knives a deba and santoku. the prices was cheap enough to buy...
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  11. my knives

    my knives

    album with my knife additions over time
  12. J

    looking to get started but confused

    you know're absolutely right lol. hindsight is always 20/20 what was i thinking :D
  13. J

    lets have a new razor thread.

    these are my primary 3, i have a few dozen razors i've picked up while antique shopping. soon i will start restoring them and maybe making some of the wedges hollow ground. i got into straights because multi blade new razors irritate my face no matter what preshave/shave products i used, also my...
  14. J

    looking to get started but confused

    i am ok with this approach of skipping the 8k for now, should i feel the need for it later i can always get one then.
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    looking to get started but confused

    thanks, everything is well. a few years ago he fell while dog sitting for our neighbors and got a cut in his ear, over time it formed a keloid which was growing up until this past year. with him starting high school he wanted it removed if possible before the start of the school year. needless...