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    List of member's knives

    Strava is an app that many runners, cyclists, and triathletes use to track their performance. It uses GPS data to map routes, store mileage, elapsed times, elevation gain, etc. Some of the people that were cavalier about privacy paid the price. Edit: More than one.
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    List of member's knives

    I'm with @WildBoar on this one. but people have to make their own choices. If you stick around here, pay attention, and learn how to use the search function, most of the truly useful information isn't hard to figure out. This is a wonderful community and many people are incredibly generous...
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    Visual aids for sharpening

    @GoldCoastMitch thanks for this post, I've been meaning to post something similar but never got around to it. I use a Sharpie, a small but bright flashight, and a 24x monocular loupe (several steps above the $10 versions). 24x is probably a bit too much per @daveb. I have been thinking about...
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    Munetoshi meat cleaver - why is it welded?

    Moritaka uses that construction method
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    R2 gyuto as daily driver?

    Are you looking for this thread?
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    Any experts on Yoshikazu Tanaka's history?

    I'm aware of the Konosuke Fujiyama knives and the more recent offerings through Hitohira and JNS but there must be a number of other knives out there that can be attributed to shop. Does anyone know of other specific marques that were his work? I realize that this auteurist view of smiths (and...
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    How to choose between 210, 240, 270 and 300 mm gyuto as main knife

    This! A 240 is the "standard" on this forum but KKF doesn't necessarily reflect the rest of the world. I don't think you'll find too many 240s in Japanese home kitchens.
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    How much should I expect to spend to get into sharpening?

    Almost all the options have gone up in price significantly in the past five to ten years but there are still some not break the bank options. While there are some stainless steels that aren't painful to sharpen I would stick with simple carbon steels to start with. You can sometimes find...
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    SOLD Kochi 180 Stainless clad Nakiri

    I think if it is stainless clad it should be Shirogami 2 but I'm no Kochi expert, V2 may be correct.
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    What are typically used but respectable (non-custom) handles?

    Plastic ferrules are a hard "no" for me. As far as the handle itself goes it is more about size and shape rather than type of wood. I have oval, octagonal, and D-shaped handles that are all reasonably comfortable but I've also had a few Japanese stock octagonal handles that I didn't like, they...
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    First Wa Handle, to epoxy or not?

    Not a handle maker but I'm fairly certain beeswax isn't going to work long term in your situation. If you haven't already done so you might review this thread from the always thoughtful @Kippington.
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    Budding chef, young boy cooking in rural China

    Great stuff although the first cleaver sort of looks like a case of tetanus waiting to happen.
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    Ginger Beer (alcoholic) Tips

    For hard apple cider Champagne yeast is fairly aggressive. The result tends to be quite dry and with not too much apple character left but I've never attempted to make ginger beer. You might try initially transferring into a fermentation vessel of some sort with a liquid (water) airlock (CO2...
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    A chopping board and a question

    Correction: I must have been not fully present when I posted yesterday. 1,450 is the Janka hardness for Sugar Maple in pounds not newtons, the value in newtons is 6,450. Australian Cypress aka White Cypress Pine (Callitris columellaris aka Callitris glaucophylla) has a Janka hardness very...
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    A chopping board and a question

    That may well be the case. I don't have much familiarity with anything other than Northern Hemisphere, temperate climate, tree species. Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) historically has been the preferred wood for butcher block/end grain cutting boards here at about 1,450 newtons. There are few...