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    • maxim
      maxim replied to the thread 130WCrV3 steel.
      Yeah it is closer to Blue Super steel but it is also water quenched I find it easy to sharpen and it is very hard in my tasts anyways :P
    • maxim
      maxim replied to the thread J-Nat Club.
      You guys will be surprised how many crappy stones there is !! it is like 98 % Now I have not been in Japan for 6 years I have something...
    • maxim
      Our Munetoshi is very different from other been sold different profile as well more flat, blooming steel one is worth just because of...
    • maxim
      I am working on something, but with Wakui takes always forever :rolleyes::oops: Both Kaeru SS and Wakui
    • maxim
      maxim replied to the thread Knife findings.
      We don't know for sure yet, but yes he stoped working for about 2 month now, he is very old and can stop now any day, however super...
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