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    Yoshihiro whetstones.

    The only stone I’m really interested in is the 10000 grit, these are on sale now for under a hundred USD not a bad price for that grit and it would fill a void in my collection. I also can’t seem to find out if these are splash n go’s or soakers
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    Yoshihiro whetstones.

    I would like to know the answer to that question as well!!
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    Advice: introducing different coarse/med stones in my lineup

    Indeed I am actually talking about the Chosera as well don’t mean to be misleading sorry about that. When I have done deburring with that stone I have found that a slurry stone after cleaning is the key to getting the stone silky again.
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    Advice: introducing different coarse/med stones in my lineup

    The NP800 and the NP3000 are the best in the line up as far as pure versatility. IMO the 800 is a must have if you just love to sharpen followed by the 3000k, but I will rarely go to my 2000k for edge work it’s just a little to slow but it is a key player when it comes to the progression while...
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    Advice: introducing different coarse/med stones in my lineup

    So this is probably a very unpopular opinion but I love the np2000k for my polishing progression especially after the 800. It starts out like a 1500 until it works up a slurry and finish up more like a 3000k. Once it works up a slurry it has a buttery feedback, not a real fast cutter but leaves...
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    Yoshikane > Kato & Kamo

    If it was convenient and cost prohibitive I think I would return it, there’s no reason a new knife edge should be damaged. I guess you would probably have a hard time finding another one at this point unless you get lucky so you’ll have to way the options.
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    Yoshikane > Kato & Kamo

    Always best to work an old blade on your new stones anyhow, just dull it down and brake in those new stones and I think you’ll find the stones themselves will take away your anxiety and build your confidence. NP stones are beautiful to work with but you may need to slow it down just a little at...
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    Yoshikane > Kato & Kamo

    I would go with the 400+800+3000 those are the three best NP stones IMO
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    Holy ****...

    I would rather have one of these for 3k or ten of them, honestly that’s an ugly Kramer
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    Thoughts on tip sharing

    I remember when I was a kid my dad telling me the amount you tip was for how good the food was and how good the service was, there was no set percentage. Now of course there is a certain percentage you need to give them or you look like a cheap skate, or they just add it to your bill and you...
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    Stains on SG2?

    That did happen to my SG2, Flitz took care of it in a couple of minutes.
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    Do I need a polishing stone?

    So I am going to respectfully disagree with you on that, coming just from an engineering point of view. When you have a “ toothy” edge you have a more structured edge, meaning the highs and lows of your grind add a structural rigidity to your edge it will last longer but may not get quite as...
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    Do I need a polishing stone?

    IMO for double edge blades you do not need a polishing stone for normal day to day kitchen use. But that doesn’t mean I won’t use one just to look at a beautiful edge when it’s done but in general it is just a waist of time when it comes to standard kitchen use. But I would and do use it for...
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    Shipping with FedEx

    USPS delivered a couple of knives for me on Monday I was told by my seller that a signature would be required but when I met my driver outside he said he signed for it and was about to set it on my porch, so if they did get stolen I’m out $800 kinda defeats the purpose pandemic or not the other...
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    Should i get the Kato SG2 240 Gyuto?

    Ya gen yes it is generally dark gray and silver in color but it definitely pops when the light hits it at different angels, I guess the video I saw on the web site is what sold me on it just loved how it popped and wanted to play with some R2 as well.