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  1. e30Birdy

    SOLD Spare Damascus 270 Integral

    Catch and release Got this beautiful gyuto from @preizzo last week. SOLD - Spare integral gyuto In house made Damascus 26c3/15n20 and handle is a piece of walnut burl 270 mm length 56 mm Height 5 mm Spine thickness 264 grams While in transit to myself I was offered a unicorn of mine and made...
  2. H

    SOLD 270 Takeda Classic (AS) Gyuto

    Hi, I have a Takeda AS 270 for sale. Picked it up locally from Matt (see the last picture :p). Fun knife, very light and nimble for a 270. Just longer than I prefer. There is one small chip in the blade that should come out in the next sharpening. I tried to capture a picture of it below...