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  1. J

    Withdrawn Carbon petty (used) - Aus/NZ

    Have seen some excellent petty knives around lately but many are BnIB or not in AUS / NZ. The cost of shipping makes the transaction unviable in the latter case. Looking for something in full carbon, around 150mm, 30-35mm tall (ie not a taller one with more knuckle clearance for board work). I...
  2. 1

    270mm or 300mm yanagiba?

    Been a sushi chef for a little while and want a yanagi. Question is length. The 270mm will be easier to control and sharpen, and keep straight, however.. I've heard people swear by the extra 300mm length saying they end up using the full thing... Cons: Harder to keep straight, and sharpening...
  3. joostvdwerf

    Makers mark ID help nogent

    Bought a knife this weekend on the Puces market in Paris. Looks to me like a Sabatier / Nogent style knife. It’s about 30 cm / 12 inches very flexibel and slender carbon blade. I can’t find anything online about the makers mark. I see the numbers 303 and maybe the logo has the letter T D...
  4. B

    SOLD Hiroshi ashi White #2 petty 150 mm

    Hi all, I’m selling my Hiroshi ashi White #2 petty 150 mm. I’m selling is for AU$300 very minimally used. I bought it AU$355 from ProTooling, Syndey. This includes the box (but a bit damaged).