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  1. D

    WTS Catcheside Sujihiki 305mm BNIB dropped to 600

    Hi KKF, Next up for tonight is a large Catcheside Suji. Also this knife is fully unused. I got this this year but have one standard suji which I have been using -- such that this one never found its way on my board. Specs: 305 x 42mm 238g C105 steel (like all of his recent knives) san mai...
  2. D

    WTS Catcheside bullnose gyuto (old profile) 221mm

    Hi KKF, I am selling a Catcheside gyuto, old bullnose profile before he started his forged taper stuff. The knife was used but has a really great edge and profile on it (this was reworked by an excellent sharpener). To be honest, this is actually one of the knives I enjoy most using in the...
  3. D

    SOLD a bunch of knives

    Hi KKF, I am selling a bunch of fun and pretty awesome knives. All prices include shipping. If you have further questions or want more pics, let me know! 1. Devin Thomas Apex Ultra Raindrop Damascus San Mai Gytuo --- SOLD I think he did less than 5 damascus knives with Apex core, and this...
  4. D

    SOLD BNIB Catcheside Gyutohiki 256mm — dropped

    Hi KKF, Im offering a new Catcheside Gyutohiki. The knife was a half-custom (he had the knife in the pipeline and asked me if I wanted it and for handle choices etc). The knife is brand new and was never used — I got a gyuto around the same size shortly after and a suji on the longer end, such...
  5. OwlWoodworks

    SOLD Catcheside Gyuto

    Price $925 $875 usd + shipping For sale today is my Catcheside Gyuto Length: 260mm Height: 56.5mm Thickness: 5.5mm Weight: 279g Steel: Wrought Iron/C105 Handle: Tasmanian Blackwood/Sheep Horn I purchased this from a buddy of mine who got it direct from Will. He used it minimally and I tested...