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Jan 12, 2021
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Hong Kong

I am selling a bunch of fun and pretty awesome knives. All prices include shipping. If you have further questions or want more pics, let me know!

1. Devin Thomas Apex Ultra Raindrop Damascus San Mai Gytuo --- SOLD

I think he did less than 5 damascus knives with Apex core, and this is IMHO the nicest pattern he has forged. Extremely regular, amazing contrast.

254 x 56 mm


Ironwood Handle

BNIB – unused

1800 USD


More pics can be found here:
DT damascus

original listing:


2. Lew Griffin Random Damascus Gyuto —- Sold

S-Grind Damascus.

271 x 55 mm

246 g

Bog Oak handle

BNIB – unused

620 USD 450 USD


More pictures:

3. Bloodroots Mono Steel Gytuo. --- SOLD

257 x 54 mm

258 g

The knife has some patina on it. I am the second owner – the knife was not used after I received it. Purchased for 900 USD here:

SOLD - 3 large used gyutos - 264mm Kamon Massdrop, 260mm Bloodroot Blades Deep Gyuto, 270mm HVB Workhorse Gyuto

Condition as described in the original BST thread – never stopped or sharpened.

740 USD 650 USD

Photo 18-8-2022, 08 39 21.jpg

Further Pics can be found here:

4. Catcheside Gyutohiki --- SOLD

His strong forged geometry with heavy tapering.

255 x 43 mm

203 g

BNIB, unused.

700 USD


Further Pics can be found here:

Catcheside gyutohiki

5. Catcheside Suji ---- pending for sale

He does not make large knives like this often. Beauty!

305 x 42 mm

238 g

BNIB, unused.

900 USD 840 USD


More pics here:

catcheside suji

6. Metal Monkey Gyuto --- SOLD

Extreme taper on this one -- from 3.4 mm to nothing. Super thin behind the edge.

225 x 53 mm

200 g

Micarta Handle

Used for one meal, not stropped or sharpened, minor patina (only visible from the right angle)

850 USD 650 USD


More pics here:

Thanks for looking!
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