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  1. J

    New sujihiki

    Hi experts of KKF! Looking for my first sujihiki after some sage advice from KKF earlier in the year. I have some longer gyutos (270mm - 300mm) so I’d be looking for something distinguishable in performance (presumably different profile, low height to reduce drag etc.). LOCATION What country...
  2. J

    Withdrawn Takada Sujihiki -

    Looking for a Takada no Hamono petty / sujihiki 210mm - 270mm. Not looking for special finishes or cladding although they’re welcome — HH is fine — and am happy with something that has been used, sharpened has a patina etc. Any carbon steel, not ginsan. If I can’t find one relatively quickly, I...
  3. J

    WTB Eddworks

    Hello! I have terrible regrets about not getting an Eddworks gyuto as a few have been available recently! Live and learn. I am on the customs list but wouldn’t mind getting one ahead of my number being drawn and getting a custom (perhaps sujihiki) as well. If anyone has one that’s >220mm long...
  4. SylvainM

    WTS 350mm sujihiki - 1.2442 steel - With saya

    Hello all, As I set myself an objective this year of going to bigger blades (my past production was centered on the French market with many blades in the 160-200mm range), I allowed myself to build a nice little sujihiki for fun. As you'll see from the specs this is a rather "thin" sujihiki...
  5. D

    WTS [DROPPED] Halcyon x Prince collab gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am listing a couple of knives which I really like but unfortunately other expenses have come up. Specs and pics are listed below. Prices are including shipping. 1. Rader five steel damascus -- 2300 USD [SOLD] The knife was purchased here and used for 1-2 vegetables upon...
  6. rasmusmadsen

    SOLD WTS/WTT - Jiro 210mm Sujihiki WA

    Hello everybody inhere, I have chosen to say goodbye to my Jiro 210mm Sujihiki WA #419. I have been the only owner and it has been used 5-10 times, so only a small amount of patina on it. Have been oiled every time after usage, since it actually just have been placed on the magnet most of the...
  7. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicard Cutlery 270mm SheffCut Honyaki Sujihiki

    Hello All, Here's what will likely be one of my last blades in SheffCut for the foreseeable future. It has a fine 2k finish and a curly walnut handle. I've given up trying to get good pictures of the hamon, but as you'll hopefully be able to see in the video, this blade has a tremendous amount...
  8. MSicardCutlery

    WTS MSicard Cutlery 320mm Sujihiki

    Hello All, Here's a fun one. I had a spare piece of 15n20 lying around and decided to have some fun playing with it. This is done more in the style of a sakimaru or a brisket sword than my typical sujihiki. It was a fun blade to make and a nice change of pace. Someone will really have a good...
  9. SimenTh

    SOLD BIG PRICE DROP - Adonis Forged Arts integral sujihiki Apex Ultra 309*39

    Hi KKF! Parting with an amazing piece at a fantastic price. Backstory: Antoine of Adonis Forged Arts was feeling very charitable one morning, offering a commisioned sujihiki that had a minor cosmetic flaw (now not visible after grinding/etching). After signing up to wanting to buy at more than...
  10. D

    WTS Catcheside Sujihiki 305mm BNIB dropped to 600

    Hi KKF, Next up for tonight is a large Catcheside Suji. Also this knife is fully unused. I got this this year but have one standard suji which I have been using -- such that this one never found its way on my board. Specs: 305 x 42mm 238g C105 steel (like all of his recent knives) san mai...
  11. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD MSicardCutlery 280mm Apex Ultra Sujihiki

    Hello All, 6/7 A nice stiff mono steel Apex Ultra sujihiki Blade: 280mmx34mm Apex Ultra (67-68hrc) scotchbrite belt finish Neck: 14mmx14mm Handle: 145mm long, 22mmx25mm tapering to 19mmx22mm, burned oak, oiled and waxed POB: 60mm from the hande Spine: 3.98mm at the neck, 2.98mm at...
  12. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 230mm Wrought Iron+52100 San-Mai Sujihiki

    Hello All, Here I have a first for me, a wrought iron clad sujihiki with a birdseye maple handle. I had originally set out to make a 270mm, but owing to a very thin core and .008" of offset in my drawing dies I ended up with a 2mm wide place in the edge where the cladding crossed the core, so I...
  13. D

    SOLD a bunch of knives

    Hi KKF, I am selling a bunch of fun and pretty awesome knives. All prices include shipping. If you have further questions or want more pics, let me know! 1. Devin Thomas Apex Ultra Raindrop Damascus San Mai Gytuo --- SOLD I think he did less than 5 damascus knives with Apex core, and this...
  14. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 275mm Twist Damascus Sujihiki (Semi-Custom)

    Hello All, Some time ago a friend of a friend commissioned a twist damascus tanto, and so for efficiency's sake I made up a large enough billet for a few knives. This is the first of 2 suji and 1 petty from that billet. It's simple 27 layer, right hand twist, 15n20 and 1084 damascus, hardened...
  15. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 285mm CPM-D2 Sujihiki

    Hello All, Here I have a lighter sujihiki available, made from the semi-stainless steel; CPM-D2. Conventional D2 has a long history of use in knives, and a derivative of it is used for some Japanese kitchen knives called SDK11 or sometimes SDL. This steel however, is a significant upgrade from...
  16. U

    Another sujihiki recommendation thread

    Hello fellow knife enthusiasts. I'm looking to add a sujihiki to my bag of tools and could use a little help. Ideally I would like one that I can use for both raw and cooked (potentially crusty) proteins. I prefer a Japanese handle, and something that is 270mm in length. I would say the upper...
  17. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 270mm CPM-M4 HSS Sujihiki (Semi Custom)

    Hello All, Here I have an absolute monster that I've been plugging away at here and there for a few months; a thicker suji in CPM-M4. This steel is an absolute beast to work with, but it takes a very resilient, long lasting and toothy edge. In the high alloy steels I've used, M4 feels the...
  18. B

    WTS 1 Suji 1 Petty

    Hi guys :) Looking to sell the two below as a bundle preferably, both knives have been used 2-3 times. Looking to get $800 USD including shipping and fees. Thanks :) 1. Takada no hamono ginsan suiboku sujihiki 270mm Weight: 155 gr Measurement: 275 x 40 2. Moriheri Kurouchi fine finish 135 mm...
  19. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 335mm Apex Ultra San-Mai Sujihiki

    Hello All, This is my longest blade in a while. It's been finished out to 1200 grit, and given a light etch and polish with loose abrasive to better reveal the core against the cladding. Blade: 335mmx33mm Apex Ultra/15n20 san-mai ~67 HRC, 1200 grit finish Neck: 15mmx18mm Handle: 127mm...
  20. B

    SOLD Hiroshi ashi White #2 petty 150 mm

    Hi all, I’m selling my Hiroshi ashi White #2 petty 150 mm. I’m selling is for AU$300 very minimally used. I bought it AU$355 from ProTooling, Syndey. This includes the box (but a bit damaged).