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WTS [DROPPED] Halcyon x Prince collab gyuto

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Jan 12, 2021
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Hong Kong

I am listing a couple of knives which I really like but unfortunately other expenses have come up. Specs and pics are listed below. Prices are including shipping.

1. Rader five steel damascus -- 2300 USD [SOLD]

The knife was purchased here and used for 1-2 vegetables upon arrival -- no usage after. This is among the nicest knives I own.
The knife was not stropped or sharpened.

Size: 242 x 56 mm
Weight: 237 grams
Handle: Koa
Geometry: Light workhorse. Subtle hollow forge, convex
Condition: Not stropped or sharpened, light usage (minor patina)


All pictures: here

2. Jiro Suji -- 900 USD [SOLD]

The knife is new and unused. The number of the suji is #334.

Size: 269 x 41 mm
Weight: 226 grams
Condition: BNIB


All pictures: here

3. Dalman Damasteel -- 1050 USD [SOLD]

The knife was purchased directly from Robin's webpage, here
I tried several of Robin's knives and this one is by very far the best I owned, the cutting is unbelievable. I prepared 2-3 veggies with the knife only.

Size: 262 x 51 mm
Weight: 237 grams
Handle: Maple
Geometry: S - laser
Condition: Not stropped or sharpened, light usage


All pictures: here

4. Halcyon x Prince collab. knife -- 1100 USD

The knife was purchased directly from Joe's page, here
The knife is new and has never been used.
The knife is pretty special as it is a San mai with two different Damascus billets. Clad was made by Joshua Prince, core Damascus by Joe.

Size: 227 x 55 mm
Weight: 227 grams
Handle: Ironwood
Geometry: convex, midweight
Condition: BNIB


All pictures: here
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Nice Rader 5 Steel … would have bought it in an instant had I not lucked out and found one for my collection recently. Anyone who is a Rader fan (and who isn’t), should grab this example. They don’t come up on BST frequently. Dan’s a great seller and a good guy. I would buy with confidence from him.
Wish I could get that HF.

That wrought dammy clad is super cool and unique. I’m normally not into damascus but this is killer. Sweet profile with an ironwood handle too. I’m actually weak