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  1. Enso Forge

    Fresh off the bench

    Here’s the latest gyuto I finished up. The blade was forged from w2, differentially heat treated, and polished to bring out the hamon and aid in patina development. The octagon handle is made from snakewood and heirloom fit to a fire blackened steel bolster. Thanks for looking!
  2. D

    WTT Kamon Monolith

    Hi KKF, Im putting up one of my rare ones today for trade — for the easy reason that I have a simpler Kamon Wa which I am actually using in the kitchen all the time. The knife is brand-new and unused, it is some /special edition which comes with a box made by a carpenter/art friend of Kamon...
  3. J

    WTB Birgersson

    Hello! Looking to try a Birgersson 235mm+ x 55mm+ at some stage to see what the hype is about. If you have one, and want to sell or trade it, please let me know!
  4. auros105

    SOLD Tetsujin Ginsan 240 Gyuto

    Selling my redundant Gyuto to fund other not-so-redundant Gyuto purchases. Gyuto has been thinned further and refinished so I kinda removed the name engravings so....if you mind then please skip this knife! Length: 225mm Height: 49mm Weight: ain't got a scale Bought locally for 13k TWD...
  5. auros105

    Withdrawn One-of-a-kind Shinko Kurokumo 270

    Impulse purchase to fit in the XL Sized hole in my knife collection. Kinda got to me it was bought on impulse while it was getting spa treatment so I am currently looking to sell it to recoup some funds. It's been professionally thinned and refinished. Spine and choil was bad, I reshaped the...
  6. auros105

    Withdrawn Nakagawa x Myojin Aoichi 240 Gyuto

    Selling one of my beloved knives because I realised I don't need so many Gyutos and also found myself preferring stainless knives as I work in the food industry and have no proper time to take care of this baby. Having made up my mind to send this little one to a new home I sent it to be...
  7. C

    SOLD Yoshikane SKD Gyuto 210 K-tip

    Purchased from K&S, teak handle. Used to cook maybe 10-12 home dinners, was touched up on 1k but otherwise has not been sharpened. It's my first k-tip and I'm just not crazy about 'em. Comes with original box. Asking $220 shipped to continental United States. Weight: 178 grams Height at heel...
  8. auros105

    SOLD Ashi Ginga Sweedish Steel 270

    Looking to pass this knife onto someone who will love it more than I do! Im looking to pass it on because workplace has limited space, causing me to feel very uneasy using such a long knife. The knife has been used in a work and has been sharpened quite a few times! Having some free time, I...
  9. J

    Withdrawn Merion Forge Gyuto

    Hoping to try a Merion Forge gyuto - something 230mm+ x 55mm+ with a drcent taper and wa handle please. Please feel free to message me if you’re thinking If letting one go. New or used is fine, as long as in good condition.
  10. Martyfish

    Withdrawn Selling 240mm Toyama Gyuto Special

    Details Maker: Shuji Toyama Blade length: 244mm from the tip to the bottom of the heel Height at heel: 53mm Weight: 222g Steel: stainless clad blue 2 Price: 650€ including shipping within mainland Europe Description I'm putting my Toyama gyuto up for sale because I have two knives from Toyama...
  11. J

    Withdrawn Yanick >240mm

    Looking to buy a Yanick gyuto, preferably BnIB and >240mm x 56mm. Would certainly consider one that has been lightly used. I’m open to any profile, including the one with a flatter profile. Please feel free to DM me if you have one that you’d like to sell or trade. I know that I’m pretty far...
  12. J

    Withdrawn Simon Maillet Wrought

    Hey all - looking for a Simon Maillet gyuto or petty, particularly his recent work. After a wrought-clad, ku finished blade with polished bevels or a deep etch suminigashi twist. Please DM me if you have something that you are planning to list or would like to sell! Thanks!
  13. J

    Withdrawn Western Gyutos - Cygnus, Hopwood, Maillet, Dam

    Hello all - a few long shot requests. I am taking a sojourn into the West (insofar as cutlery artisans is concerned, at least) and exploring some different grinds. I am not expecting this to necessarily bear fruit, but if you do not ask... I am looking for each of the following: Cygnus - I...
  14. J

    Withdrawn Eddworks

    Hello! I have terrible regrets about not getting an Eddworks gyuto as a few have been available recently! Live and learn. I am on the customs list but wouldn’t mind getting one ahead of my number being drawn and getting a custom. If anyone has one that’s >240mm long in 52100, I’m very interested...
  15. J

    Withdrawn BNIB Kama Asa Tanaka x Myojin 240mm

    Hi everyone - looking for a BNIB B1 Tanaka x Myojin gyuto from Kama Asa with kasumi finish, in particular if it had a laser profile (<2.5mm spine at heel, ~150g for 240mm version). If you have one lamenting in your drawer and would like to sell it, please get in touch! JP
  16. SylvainM

    WTS Sylvain M - Integral bolster 90 layers damascus gyuto - 235mm

    All, I joined this forum recently and although I mainly work on custom orders I'm willing to put up some of my work for sale here to get the forum members to know me a bit better. You'll find more information on myself and my career path in my intro post, but in a few words I'm a french knife...
  17. bshampton117


    FOR SALE: Used about 4 times in a home kitchen. Stropped but never stone sharpened. Purchased from CKTG in 2023. Has sat on my knife magnet for many months, but it is an awesome knife. Just thinning the collection. Superb fit and finish with gorgeous handle that feel great in the hand. Hefty and...
  18. eternal689

    WTS Simon Maillet Gyuto 255mm

    Hello all, I'm looking to sell a couple knives that just haven't made it in my normal rotation so are basically just sitting on the block. Both knives were purchased directly from the respective makers, both lightly used and not sharpened. I don't have the details on the Raquin anymore but here...
  19. Wolund

    SOLD (Price Drop) Evan Antzenberger 245 B2 honyaki gyuto

    Hi all, I’d like to offer this Evan Antzenberger 245mm blue #2 honyaki workhorse gyuto. Type: honyaki Steel: blue #2 Heel to tip length: 245mm Height at heel: 59mm Weight: 327g Finish: full polish Handle: mono d-shaped Ebony with bright sapwood eye and subtle flame pattern Sad to see this one...
  20. J

    Comparison of 240mm laser gyutos

    I'm looking to buy a 240mm laser gyuto, and the three that have risen to the top are: Kobayashi SG2 Gyuto ($300) Shibata Kashima R2 ($250) Konosuke HD2 ($340) The specs on these are relatively similar, the Kobayashi is the heaviest at 166g, the Shibata is lightest at 152, and all have similar...