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  1. P

    WTS Smedja Aspen 180 gyuto

    I'm selling my Smedja Aspen 181*50mm, 170g, 62-63 HRC, blended s-grind, roller bearing steel (version of 52100), burned oak handle. I'm selling it for what I bought I for, Euro/USD: 257 including shipping from Sweden. I bought it from this thread...
  2. OwlWoodworks

    SOLD Catcheside Gyuto

    Price $925 $875 usd + shipping For sale today is my Catcheside Gyuto Length: 260mm Height: 56.5mm Thickness: 5.5mm Weight: 279g Steel: Wrought Iron/C105 Handle: Tasmanian Blackwood/Sheep Horn I purchased this from a buddy of mine who got it direct from Will. He used it minimally and I tested...
  3. heiichan

    SOLD [Price Drop]Takeshi Saji Makie-Art Fujin Raijin Colored Damascus Gyuto 270mm

    Brand new in box! TAKESHI SAJI Makie-Art 🌬FUJIN RAIJIN⚡ Aogami No.2 Colored Damascus Gyuto Knife 270mm with Urushi Lacquered Saya and Handle $2849AUD 2700 2600 - Blade Steel Type : Blue Paper (Aogami) No.2 with Colored Damascus Texture - Blade Length: 270mm - Total Length: 425mm - Handle...
  4. Se1ryu

    WTS Yoshikane SKD Gyuto 240mm

    BNIB Yoshikane SKD Nashiji 240mm Gyuto (Hatsukokoro) Brand new. I purchased the knife last month intended for use in a professional kitchen. Now I'm in Australia because my wife works for the embassy so I probably won't be working in a professional kitchen for the next 2-4 years. PRICE...
  5. D

    WTT Bloodroots 260mm gyuto

    Hi Everyone, I am offering the bloodroots gyuto I got from the following BST thread: The specs are 258x55 mm 257g Trade value...
  6. Racheski

    Small Gap in new Nigara Hamono

    Just opened up the box for my new Nigara Hamono 240mm SG2 Matt Migaki Gyuto, and noticed a small gap between the ferrule and the blade: I can't imagine this was intentional since pictures of the knife online show the blade flush with the handle, and my 150mm Petty in the same series has no...
  7. MSicardCutlery

    SOLD 227mm O1 Lefty Gyuto

    #4 for this week. Blade: 227mmx45mm O1 tool steel (62-63hrc) 320 grit hand finish Neck: 13mmx18mm Handle: 123mm, tapering from 25.8mmx22.3mm to 22.9mmx18.1mm, scorched oak, oiled and waxed POB: 55mm from handle Spine: 5.24mm at the neck, 3.27mm at halfway, 1.35mm 1cm from the tip Grind: flat...
  8. 1

    WTS Miyabi Mizu SG2 Gyuto

    Selling my Miyagi sg2 gyuto.. about 8 inch. Has the cool hammered finish that I like. Used it maybe 10-15 times, just have too many now and want to downsize. Great knife. Asking 100$ plus shipping from Oregon
  9. Racheski

    Nigara Hamono R2/SG2 Migaki Gyuto Questions

    I'm starting the search for a new 240mm Gyuto, and I love the aesthetics of the Nigara Sg2 Gyuto with a matte finish. Can anyone speak to real world use of these knives, or another similar Nigara? The measurements point to "Laserish" performance, but not quite a middleweight? What is the grind...
  10. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 180mm MagnaCut + Maple Gyuto

    The last of the MagnaCut gyuto of this batch. Blade: 180mmx47mm CPM MagnaCut (63-64 HRC) 320 grit hand finish Neck: 18mmx15mm Handle: 131mmx 25.9mmx24.4mm tapering to 22.9mmx19.4mm, maple, oil finished POB: 15mm from handle Spine: 2.67mm at the neck, 1.84mm at 9.7cm, .78mm 1cm from the tip...
  11. O

    WTS Takeda sasanoha gyuto 240 mm NAS

    Beauty of a knife. Sharp as hell. Looking to fund a new purchase but will also entertain trades. $350 shipped CONUS
  12. D

    SOLD Migoto Blue 1 270 gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am selling my BNIB Migoto gyuto, as I got more than one. The knife specs are: 255 x 51 mm Blue 1 (Tanaka forged), iron clad 267g goes from 3.3mm to 1mm before the tip. Rosewood handle I paid 500 USD + shipping for the knife and would like 450 USD back for it. I also pay for...
  13. cantdecidewhichone

    SOLD Kamon 246x53m Gyuto

    In today's episode of I'm going to regret this, my Kamon gyuto. Dimensions are 246x53mm Spine is 5.6mm at the heel, 1.7mm halfway, 0.4mm 1cm from the tip Weight is 222g Beautiful work by Ben. Very comfortable and the choil is 👌The handle is a little shorter than usual, at 110mm but it's heavy...
  14. J

    Y. Tanaka

    Gday people. I live in Australia and have been looking at some Y Tanaka knives. Chefs-edge has HADO shirogami 2, and Sakai Kikumori Tanaka x kyuzo aogami 1 knives. The Hado are a wide bevel with great geometry. Both are similar prices. What would be the pros and cons to each? I am really tossing...
  15. A

    Found a single bevel on a Masamoto gyuto

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in the knowledge section or over here so mods please feel free to move this thread to the correct department if needed. So I got this vintage-ish looking Masamoto gyuto that had the insides of its tang hollowed out by corrosion. No the point, but might be a...
  16. Tsundoku

    WTS Void

    Listing voided
  17. dsk

    SOLD Andrei Markin 260mm Gyuto

    Hey all, long time no see. Ironically working as a manager in a restaurant meant I didn't cook anything at home for a year. Deciding to let one of two customs go. I'll keep the 240mm workhorse kipp. Markin 260mm gyuto. I wanted a hybrid between his original design and newer style gyuto back in...
  18. Apocalypse

    WTS WTS Shigs, Kato and more (Price drop on a few)

    Just finished my degree and need funds for a new home. NOS 240 Kiyoshi Kato W2 Morihei - $2550 (obo) 210 Shigefusa Kitaeji gyuto - $2000 300 Shigefusa Kitaeji Yanagiba - $2000 (obo) 240 Blue/White Damascus Shoichi Hashimoto - $1600 (sold) Can add more pics if desired
  19. D

    Traded Lisch 245mm integral damascus gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am offering my David Lisch integral damascus gyuto. The craftsmanship on this knife is the best I’ve seen. It’s hard to describe how perfectly hammered the bolster is and how seamless the damascus fits into the handle. Those are hard to come by — I’m offering this because I received...
  20. J

    WTT WTT Shibata koketsu 210MM (EU)

    Hi everyone, I have had this shibata for a while now, and dont get to use it as much as i want so i want to trade it. I ordered the knife from shibata san himself, and ordered a custom made handle for it. the knife itself is stil in a great condition as can been seen on the pictures. Im...