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  1. D

    WTS [DROPPED] Halcyon x Prince collab gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am listing a couple of knives which I really like but unfortunately other expenses have come up. Specs and pics are listed below. Prices are including shipping. 1. Rader five steel damascus -- 2300 USD [SOLD] The knife was purchased here and used for 1-2 vegetables upon...
  2. e30Birdy

    SOLD Spare Damascus 270 Integral

    Catch and release Got this beautiful gyuto from @preizzo last week. SOLD - Spare integral gyuto In house made Damascus 26c3/15n20 and handle is a piece of walnut burl 270 mm length 56 mm Height 5 mm Spine thickness 264 grams While in transit to myself I was offered a unicorn of mine and made...
  3. C

    SOLD Hitohira Togashi White 1 damascus 240

    Catch and release. Bought this one a few weeks back together with alot other knives and i have to reduce my collection abit. Its a stunning knive but i prefer a widebevel from Togashi. Its BNIB Hitohira Togashi White 1 damascus 240 mm With ebony and White horn ferrule. 51mm Heel height...
  4. C

    SOLD Tanaka Kambei blue 1 damascus

    Hello. Putting this up for sale. A rare limited piece from Hitohira Tanaka Kambei. 240 mm damascus blue 1, mirror polish. Kiritsuke gyuto Its BNIB and comes with wooden box and saya. Its located in Denmark EU. Price: 870 euros Thanks for watching.
  5. SimenTh

    SOLD BIG PRICE DROP - Adonis Forged Arts integral sujihiki Apex Ultra 309*39

    Hi KKF! Parting with an amazing piece at a fantastic price. Backstory: Antoine of Adonis Forged Arts was feeling very charitable one morning, offering a commisioned sujihiki that had a minor cosmetic flaw (now not visible after grinding/etching). After signing up to wanting to buy at more than...
  6. D

    SOLD Merion Forge Full Kasumi Damascus Twist Gyuto 250mm

    Hi KKF, next up is a crazy nice looking knife by Merion Forge. He made this as a custom end of last year for me. The knife is completely new (no test cuts, no strops, no touch ups). The specs are: 253 x 60mm 291g I paid 480 Euros (~538 USD as for now), and would like to have 490 USD...
  7. C

    Saji rainbow 210 gyuto thinning

    Long time lurker "first time" poster. Let me know if I messed anything up or any constructive feedback. Didnt see any colored/rainbow damascus thinning threads.... well anywhere and had a fat Saji 210 gyuto that probably wouldnt see much use as is. I would guess most people who buy these flashy...
  8. MSicardCutlery

    WTS 275mm Twist Damascus Sujihiki (Semi-Custom)

    Hello All, Some time ago a friend of a friend commissioned a twist damascus tanto, and so for efficiency's sake I made up a large enough billet for a few knives. This is the first of 2 suji and 1 petty from that billet. It's simple 27 layer, right hand twist, 15n20 and 1084 damascus, hardened...
  9. Bensonhai

    WTS Nakagawa x Myojin Blue1 Damascus Nakiri 165mm

    For sale, I have this Nakagawa Damascus Blue1 Nakiri 165mm (not sharpen by Myojin). The original lacquer is still 100%. BRAND NEW! I want to sell it for $400 plus actual shipping and insurance cost. Why am I selling it? It was found to be not sharpen by Myojin. Also willing to trade plus add...
  10. ptolemy

    SOLD (price drop) 210mm Saji Takeshi R2 Damascus Gyuto (Diamond Finish) - New

    For sale 210mm Saji Takeshi R2 Diamond Finish Damascus Gyuto. Knife is brand new and was never used to cut, just taken out. I got it as a gift but I just recently placed an order for a a grail for me, so i'd like to sell this length of the blade is closer to 207mm, height about 46/47mm. weight...
  11. N

    SOLD [USA] SG2 Damascus Bob Kramer Cumulus Set

    Looking to sell this set for $780 The steel blade of the knifes is SG2, and the type of handle is western style. There is a tiny chip on the tip on the utility knife and a really small chip on the tip of the chef knife, other than that everything is new. If you have any questions about it or...
  12. D

    SOLD Simon Maillet Gyuto 270mm New with Saya — dropped to 400

    Hi Everyone, I am selling a brand new gyuto from Simon Maillet. I bought the knife in May but never got to use it. The blade is a San Mai, wrought iron, with low layer damascus. The clad is made from 1070 and 15n20 layers (hard clad). The core is c130. The specs are 270 x 58mm 223g...
  13. D

    Traded Lisch 245mm integral damascus gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am offering my David Lisch integral damascus gyuto. The craftsmanship on this knife is the best I’ve seen. It’s hard to describe how perfectly hammered the bolster is and how seamless the damascus fits into the handle. Those are hard to come by — I’m offering this because I received...
  14. A

    WTS Tadatsuna inox 270, Zwillin Kramer damascus 270

    For sale a new Ikkanshi Tadatsuna Wa Gyuto 270mm INOX Blade Japanese Chef Knife with Octagonal shaped Handle & Wood cove box included $280 shipped conus. For sale used Bob Kramer Stainless Damascus Chef's Knife $280 shipped conus.
  15. tylerleach

    SOLD BNIB TANAKA DAMASCUS 240 B#1- Priced to sell!!

    Hello everyone, Really really sad to see this one go… I am looking to sell my absolutely gorgeous Tanaka Kyuzo Damascus B#1 240 with Spalted Maple handle and blonde buffalo horn ferrule. Soft iron Damascus cladding. Everything about this knife is spectacular… the fit and finish is top flight...
  16. B

    Damascus Steel Knife to Celebrate PhD

    Hey everyone! I just finished my PhD in metallurgy/battery science. For my research, I worked on laminated metal composite materials and used them to make high-energy batteries. I love cooking, and specifically want a Damascus steel chef knife to celebrate (a laminated metal composite). Not...
  17. Beau Nidle

    225mm stainless damascus gyuto

    Nice knife that really I'm only selling because of a mix-up in my Damascus order from VegasForge. I ordered fireball and got raindrop. Anyway, specs: 225mm length 49mm height 230grams VegasForge Damascus, stainless (AEB-L and 302, same as used by Devin Thomas in his stainless damascus)...