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WTS Nakagawa x Myojin Blue1 Damascus Nakiri 165mm

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Nov 4, 2021
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Orange County, Ca
For sale, I have this Nakagawa Damascus Blue1 Nakiri 165mm (not sharpen by Myojin). The original lacquer is still 100%. BRAND NEW!

I want to sell it for $400 plus actual shipping and insurance cost.

Why am I selling it? It was found to be not sharpen by Myojin.

Also willing to trade plus add cash for one that is actually sharpened and polished by Myojin. Please post your choil and spine if you happen to own one...Nakiri only please...

You may actually think you have a Myojin version of this Nakiri. I thought so too but I was wrong. I was able to message Naohito Myojin and confirm this is not his work.

Most of his knives are very pronounced with his beautifully champered choil and spine. The thinness behind the edge are always guaranteed. I know this because, I have many Myojin knives...

This knife has more of a workhorse grind. There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not for me...


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I am sorry to say this but that vendor (the one u and the other guy got these nakiris from), is not reliable. He has major issues, especially in his personality. And he is a liar! Just like he lied for these nakiris being sharpened by Myojin, I learned the hard way too when dealing with him for a pre-order. Have proof for that and someday I might bring it up and disclose him, so he doesn’t do stupid sh*t to other honest customers!

Anyways, this is a great Nakagawa nakiri! 🔥

Good luck with the sale!😎
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I'd like to hear it, I have had many great experiences with Dustin, and have heard lots of people say the same. Maybe on a different thread though