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  1. W

    WTS or WTT - Nakagawa x Myojin blue 1 damascus 240 with custom handle. BNIB.

    Hello Team! Time to move some knives on as I have a few more on the way! WTT - For a Jiro with money your way or if your interested in any of my other knives I have for sale I’m happy to work out a deal. WTS - Free shipping anywhere around Australia. International Shipping additional, cost...
  2. W

    WTS Baba hamono-Kagekiyo-Yoshikazu Tanka. Nakagawa x Myojin. Takeda NAS Honesuki. Tsunehisa Migaki

    Hello Team! Time to move some knives on as I have a few more on the way! All BNIB besides the Takeda. Free shipping anywhere around Australia. International Shipping additional, cost depending on location. PayPal fees included in price. Baba hamono - Kagekiyo - Forged by Yoshikazu Tanka -...
  3. bshampton117


    FOR SALE: Used about 4 times in a home kitchen. Stropped but never stone sharpened. Purchased from CKTG in 2023. Has sat on my knife magnet for many months, but it is an awesome knife. Just thinning the collection. Superb fit and finish with gorgeous handle that feel great in the hand. Hefty and...
  4. F

    SOLD 240 gyuto tanaka kyuzo KU extra height & nakagawa myojin

    Bought both these recently and only did a few test cuts and oiled them back up! Good as new! Tetogi TxK Total Length: 392mm EDGE LENGTH: 232MM Handle two tip length: 244mm Blade Height: 58mm Thickness: 3.2mm Handle Length: 146mm Weight: 212g 550€ inkl shipping in EU The nakagawa myojin is...
  5. TokushuKnife

    WTS Nakagawa Honyaki Re-stock - KKF15 discount applies at Tokushu Knife!

    We have been waiting a long time for a shipment of Nakagawa Honyaki knives, and our wait is over. We have the knife below featured on our homepage. KKF15 will give you an additional 15% off the sale price, and yes that is with the solid horn wa handle with black horn ferrule. If you have been...
  6. cwk.v

    SOLD Tetsujin B#2 Kasumi Taihei Rosewood + Nakagawa x Myojin B#1 Damascus 240mm gyutos - BNIB

    Hello all, Consider this my moving halfway across the US knife sale part 1 Still have this Nakagawa x Myojin B#1 Damascus Gyuto 240mm - BNIB -- ***SOLD*** - Paid $575 from CKTG --> Looks like one sold recently for $475 so I'll match that price - 228 x 50 - 3.1mm at heel - 210g - Confirmed...
  7. Bensonhai

    WTS Nakagawa x Myojin Blue1 Damascus Nakiri 165mm

    For sale, I have this Nakagawa Damascus Blue1 Nakiri 165mm (not sharpen by Myojin). The original lacquer is still 100%. BRAND NEW! I want to sell it for $400 plus actual shipping and insurance cost. Why am I selling it? It was found to be not sharpen by Myojin. Also willing to trade plus add...
  8. D

    SOLD Migoto White 1 240mm gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am selling my migoto white 1 (most recent batch). One of the best cutters I own, but redundant as I have another Migoto. The knife was never stropped or sharpened and shows minor patina, which I can remove upon request. 380 USD shipped. Specs: 227 x 53mm 215g Nakagawa forged...