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  1. V

    SOLD Watanabe KU Nakiri Pro 180mm

    Purchased direct from Watanabe in 2018. Unused in original box. Length: 180mm Height: 59mm Weight: 6.5oz / 184g Asking $311.36 paypal g&s shipped in the US.
  2. W

    WTS Takeda AS Classic Mini Nakiri - BNIB

    Hello Team! *BNIB* Never been used, still has protective lacquer on it. Takeda AS Classic Mini Nakiri - Aogami Super. $680AUD. Happy to negotiate price. Free shipping anywhere around Australia. International Shipping additional, cost depending on location. PayPal fees included in price.
  3. J

    Withdrawn Tetsujin Nakiri or Santoku

    Hi everyone, this time I am after a smaller Tetsujin, either a Nakiri or Santoku with kasumi finish. Looking for a friend. Strong preference for BNIB and not fussed about the handle. Not looking to spend an arm and a leg, as these are widely available. Prefer somewhere that can ship to...
  4. rgar4012

    SOLD Tetsujin Kasumi Blue#2 180mm Nakiri $250

    Tetsujin Kasumi Blue#2 180mm Nakiri. Khii laurel handle(from a konosuke MM). Picked this up on kkf last year, here is the original posting. Cutting edge: 170mm Blade length: 185mm Total length: 325mm Weight: 184g Heel height: 51mm Current pics are attached. Knife has been used for several meals...
  5. T

    WTB Toyama - Pairing Knife, Fuguhiki, Honyaki Santoku

    Hey Guys! I want to make a WTB thread, with all the Toyamas im missing for finishing my collection. What im looking for; Toyama Kasumi Ko Deba 135mm Bought Toyama Ironclad Kasumi Pairing Knife 80mm Toyama Sakimaru Tabobiki 300-360mm Bought Toyama Ironclad Nakiri 180-210mm Bought Toyama Gyuto...
  6. F

    SOLD Mazaki Nakiri nashiji17.5 cm

    Selling my mazaki nakiri that i bought 3 months ago. Haven’t used much but did some polishing, as it came with quite coarse grind marks. Also rounded spine and choil a bit. Bought for 200€ , selling for 130+ shipping from Germany. See the link from the shop i bought it for detailed specs...
  7. knifeq2121

    WTS *price drop*BNIB Anryu (Ikeda) B2 Nakiri

    Hi all, Today I’ve got an Anryu Blue #2 160mm Nakiri (made by Ikeda san) for sale. Picked this one up with a nice custom handle from Dustin @RSK. Condition is BNIB, never used. Looks to perform great based on the choil and is nice and tall. Specific measurements below. 154g 160mm edge length...
  8. 1

    WTS Messermeister/Burgvogel German knife

    Selling two hardy German knives. One is my Messermeister Oliva Elite 6-inch chef knife. It has a beautiful raw olive wood handle, and I have done multiple rounds of mineral oil and beeswax on it. Used for a couple months, and just re-sharpened. This knife is awesome and has a 15 degree edge...
  9. M

    Withdrawn TF Denka and Jiro

    Hello fellow knife lovers, I've seen a lot of positive feedback and a bit of a hype about the TF Denka and Jiro Nakagawa knives. I am just checking to see if there is a way to get a nearly new / new Denka and/or Jiro blades. What would be a typical price range for these blades? I am interested...
  10. Bensonhai

    WTS Nakagawa x Myojin Blue1 Damascus Nakiri 165mm

    For sale, I have this Nakagawa Damascus Blue1 Nakiri 165mm (not sharpen by Myojin). The original lacquer is still 100%. BRAND NEW! I want to sell it for $400 plus actual shipping and insurance cost. Why am I selling it? It was found to be not sharpen by Myojin. Also willing to trade plus add...
  11. cwk.v

    SOLD Watanabe Pro 180mm Nakiri

    Sadly I'm a square who doesn't like squares. Watanabe Pro Nakiri 180mm Blue 1 SS Clad - purchased direct from Watanabe for $411. Would like to sell for $350. - sharpened once - Upgraded Walnut and brown-dyed maple handle - 62mm at heel Open to trades for 230mm+ gyutos from: - Spare -...
  12. H

    Question! Ion plated steel?

    Ive scoured the internet but i cannot find any information… what is the purpose of Ion plating on a kitchen knife? The knife in question is the seisuke SK-85 ion plated nakiri japanese knife (175mm with white wood handle) referenced via picture. Is it just for looks? Is this brand reputable?
  13. J

    SOLD Fujiwara maboroshi nakiri 165mm 375 USD custom wa handle (EU)

    Price drop 300 USD Selling a fujiwara maboroshi nakiri 165mm. The handle is made by @letshandlethis And the nakiri just came back from spa treatment @sheffield_sharpening_shed The nakiri is better than new. Thinned and spine and choil rounded. The kasumi finish makes it super sexy😅 Looking...
  14. David M

    Withdrawn Shigefusa Kurouchi 165mm Wa Nakiri - Withdrawn

    Lightly used Shig KU Nakiri. The WU finish has some scuffing from the block. Light patina. Never sharpened. US$350 shipped to continental US.
  15. 1

    How to touch up a japanese knife?

    So, I talked to Jon, the owner of Japanese Knife Imports in california, and he told me that ceramic honing rods aren't good for your knife. I forget exactly why but he was pretty passionate about it and went into specifics that went over my head. So my question is, what's the best way to touch...
  16. 1

    best length nakiri for tap-chopping?

    So i want a nakiri and plan on doing tap-chopping technique with it (fast chopping up and down). what would be the best length for this? Seems like my options are typically either 5.5 inch or 6.5 inch. sometimes longer. I have read from people that 5.5 inch is way too small and they prefer...
  17. 1

    Recommend me a Nakiri knife

    Looking for a nakiri. I'm not sure what steel i want but I am open to hearing your suggestions for what steel is good for nakiris for chopping veggies and fruits. The only thing I do know is that i strongly prefer western/yo style handles with wood. Im going to link some nakiris here that ive...