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  1. Ryzie

    WTS Jiro #19 Western Handle 150mm White #1 Petty

    You read that right, Jiro #19, but I will say right away that this is for the collectors at a collectors price, I’m sure some will scoff at the price but I don’t mind holding onto it and just wanted to get it out there at the price I would be willing to see it go for. DM for any additional...
  2. OwlWoodworks

    SOLD Jiro 240 Yo Gyuto #406

    Good morning, After one heck of a BST post yesterday, I am back with the next knife I am looking to part ways with. I will once again be selling this knife for what I believe is market value, because that is the way I like to do business. However unlike last time, I will be showing that I also...
  3. D

    WTS [DROPPED] Halcyon x Prince collab gyuto

    Hi KKF, I am listing a couple of knives which I really like but unfortunately other expenses have come up. Specs and pics are listed below. Prices are including shipping. 1. Rader five steel damascus -- 2300 USD [SOLD] The knife was purchased here and used for 1-2 vegetables upon...
  4. rasmusmadsen

    SOLD WTS/WTT - Jiro 210mm Sujihiki WA

    Hello everybody inhere, I have chosen to say goodbye to my Jiro 210mm Sujihiki WA #419. I have been the only owner and it has been used 5-10 times, so only a small amount of patina on it. Have been oiled every time after usage, since it actually just have been placed on the magnet most of the...
  5. dehory

    SOLD Konosuke FM Damascus B1 240, Jiro 225, Takada No Hamono Suiboku B2 240, Kono FM W2 150, Kato STD 240

    Knives have been traded and sold (see table below). The Kato STD has been withdrawn for now. Thank you to everyone who made such generous trade offers. I’d like to trade one or more of the following and primarily looking for: Kippington 210-270 in any steel or grind — lightly used 240ish...
  6. M

    Withdrawn TF Denka and Jiro

    Hello fellow knife lovers, I've seen a lot of positive feedback and a bit of a hype about the TF Denka and Jiro Nakagawa knives. I am just checking to see if there is a way to get a nearly new / new Denka and/or Jiro blades. What would be a typical price range for these blades? I am interested...
  7. rasmusmadsen

    WTB Let me buy your Jiros

    Hello KKF, I am looking for new gyutos. I'm primarily looking for a Jiro gyuto around 210-240mm. (Both WA and Yo) Otherwise I would like to buy Konosuke FM.
  8. A

    WTB Looking to buy Jiro gyuto and sujihiki of any length

    As with a lot of folks here, I'm looking to pick up a Jiro gyuto but I'm also keen on a sujihiki. I'm not fussy on the lengths but only requirement is BNIB. Everything else is negotiable plus I'll pay for shipping. Cheers!
  9. J

    Jiro usage questions

    Hi I just received my first (and maybe last) Jiro I will ever get based upon the rarity. But I’m a professional cook, highly trained, lover and care taker of all things knives, spoons, tools you name it. With my Jiro being BNIB (240mm WA) I noticed that the acidic ingredients (as basic as red...
  10. D

    Withdrawn Two Jiro 240 Yo (old and new profiles) — updated

    Hi KKF community, For sale are two 240 Yo handle. More details are gives below. I would like to get back what I paid for as the knives are new. The prices include the first 20 USD shipping costs. 1. BNIB Jiro. I purchased this knife from Tosho a few months ago and never used it. Specs...