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    High-end Vegetable Cleaver in the 200-210mm range?

    I have a Gesshin Ginga #6 Cleaver in Swedish steel which I absolutely love in terms of cutting, but which I find just a bit too big and cumbersome for daily tasks. I have a few other vegetable cleavers / nakiris, ranging from 180-210, and generally I prefer things in the ~200mm range in terms of...
  2. T

    WTB Toyama - Pairing Knife, Chinese Cleaver, Bloomery Iron, Fuguhiki, Honyaki Santoku, Honyaki Sujihiki

    Hey Guys! I want to make a WTB thread, with all the Toyamas im missing for finishing my collection. What im looking for; Toyama Kasumi Ko Deba 135mm Bought Toyama Ironclad Kasumi Pairing Knife 80mm Toyama Sakimaru Tabobiki 300-360mm Bought Toyama Ironclad Nakiri 180-210mm Bought Toyama Ironclad...