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  1. nipsy

    New Knife Block, Finished and Populated.

    Used to have an old fashioned block, of the type you all detest as there is no ventilation (didn't bother they Wusthoffs). I don't have wall space for magnetic strips, and need to keep them out of harms way (Girlfriend, not kids or pets), so had to get inventive. Based it on a "Jones" but...
  2. Pisau

    Standing Magnetic Rack

    I found the magnets on this cheapo bamboo block too strong. Too slappy. It was just sitting there unused. So I put this A-frame thingy together from scrap timber, a few dowels, and a ryoba 🤓 The design was too wobbly on its own, so I put a clamp on the back and counter-sunked the pins so that...