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  1. rgar4012

    SOLD Tetsujin Kasumi Blue#2 180mm Nakiri $250

    Tetsujin Kasumi Blue#2 180mm Nakiri. Khii laurel handle(from a konosuke MM). Picked this up on kkf last year, here is the original posting. Cutting edge: 170mm Blade length: 185mm Total length: 325mm Weight: 184g Heel height: 51mm Current pics are attached. Knife has been used for several meals...
  2. 1

    WTS Zojirushi Induction Heating rice cooker (new model)

    For sale is a Zojirushi rice cooker - model is NW-QAC10. It's their newly designed induction heating model that has modes such as steam, GABA brown, congee, jasmine, and steel cut oatmeal. Makes perfect rice every time. Bought about 3 weeks ago and used a handful of times before realizing that...
  3. 1

    SOLD Shapton glass & ceramics whetstones, barely used

    Been trying to get good at sharpening on whetstones for a while and just never got the hang of it. Deciding to get an easier system like the worksharp. Stones have barely been used. Trying to sell as a lot all at once. In order in the picture: Shapton #220 Glass Sharpening Stone HR (this one...
  4. ABranson

    WTS NANIWA Aotoshi 2K Green Brick 70$

    NANIWA big green brick. Barely used. Used with care and cleaned. Nice and flat. Original box. 70+ shipping US only. Gotta buy a house! Selling what I don’t use. A very fun stone to finish on.
  5. ahhactive

    WTS Different iterations of Blue#1 Yoshikazu Tanaka for sale

    Wife made an ultimatum, either the knife collection get out or the wife gets out. Wanted the wife to get out, but we had a big scuffle. Thus these 7 blades are up for sale, from left to right: Item Heel height(mm) Spine thickness(mm) Price(Aud$) Condition 1.Kagekiyo blue #1 etched 240...
  6. 1

    WTS Burgvogel knives (Messermeister in Europe)

    Up for sale are some uncommon knives here in the USA. Burgvogel knives... which is the brand that Messermeister is in Europe. They do not ship to the U.S. The three knives I am selling are all from their Oliva line - A bread knife, a 6" chef knife, and an 8" chef knife. All are brand spanking...
  7. 1

    WTS Victorinox Grand Maitre Chef Knife

    Up for sale is a Victorinox Grand Maitre 8 inch chef knife. see details here: Check this out:Grand Maître Chef's Knife It is almost brand new - I used it only one time to cut up a pineapple and decided that I have too many knives and want to slim down my collection. This is a very durable knife...
  8. Logan A.

    SOLD (Price drop) Hinoura Stainless clad Aogami #2 270mm Gyuto

    Length: 270mm Height: 51mm Weight: 228g Thickness at heel: 2.8mm Thickness middle: 2.4mm Stainless clad aogami #2 gyuto. It’s been sharpened once and has been used to cook probably about a dozen dinner at home. Nothing crazy. One or two small scratches on the Kasumi finish from sharpening, but...
  9. Beau Nidle

    230mm stainless gyuto

    Another knife for sale! I went monosteel on this one, RWL-34 heat treated to around 61-62HRC. The grind is kind of a workhorse towards the heel with a significant distal taper, but still chunky, if that makes sense. 230mm length 49mm height 230grams Spine thickness - 3mm at the handle, 2.7mm...