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WTS Burgvogel knives (Messermeister in Europe)

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Sep 12, 2021
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Up for sale are some uncommon knives here in the USA. Burgvogel knives... which is the brand that Messermeister is in Europe. They do not ship to the U.S. The three knives I am selling are all from their Oliva line - A bread knife, a 6" chef knife, and an 8" chef knife. All are brand spanking new. I have too many knives at the moment (including several other burgvogel and messermeister knives) and want to slim down. See info about their oliva line here: Oliva Elite
Biggest features are 15° angle, forged in Solingen, Germany, and the beautiful olive wood handles. As soon as I got them, I did multiple rounds of conditioning with mineral oil and beeswax so that handle is good to go.
Very durable German knives that get excellent reviews. I have used every major German knife out there including the Wusthof ikon and I think Burgvogel is the best one out there. But that is my opinion. Popular youtuber Burrfection called this knife the 'perfect german knife' that japanese knife users will like.
Comes with retail boxes.
15 cm chef knife: retails for $170, asking $90 shipped.
20 cm chef knife: retails for $190, asking $110 shipped.
9 inch bread knife: retails for $170, asking $80 shipped. If you want more than one I'd love to do a bundle deal.