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  1. selthloafing

    Hasegawa scraper on FSB

    I just received a new Hasegawa FSB PE cutting board and used the scraper while cleaning it for the first time... now it's all scratched up. Did I ruin my board, or is this normal and do others use a scraper on PE boards?
  2. 1

    hasegawa FSR vs hasegawa FSB?

    deciding between these two boards and i have no idea what the difference is - someone help me out? same price.
  3. 1

    Hasegawa vs Hinoki?

    hello, looking for a new cutting board for my sg2 and vg10 knives. The choices are narrowed down to a Hasegawa FSR, Hasegawa FSB, and a Hinoki board. (also looking at a Tenryo hi-soft board from mtckitchen). Which one of these would you recommend? The most important thing is obviously edge...
  4. 1

    recommend me a cutting board!

    looking for a large size cutting board that will be easier on my knives to keep them sharp. Some options I was considering are end-grain boards, hinoki, and rubber, and hi-soft. One condition for your recommendation is that I need to be able to purchase it on mtckitchen or sur la table as i have...
  5. 1

    Hinoki cutting board questions

    hello, for all who know about hinoki cutting boards i have a few questions as i just got a new one. 1. Are you supposed to cut alongside the grain/lines or does it not matter? I feel the grain going vertically so should i rotate my board that way and cut alongside it? 2. my instructions are in...
  6. 1

    Hi-soft vs other cutting boards?

    So im looking at this hi-soft cutting board from Tenryo, but I have heard some differing opinions on peoples favorites. I know there are hasegawas, asahi, and some others... thoughts on this board, or hi soft in general?
  7. 1

    Hasegawa VS hinoki cutting boards

    Trying to decide between the soft rubber hasegawa boards, or a hinoki board. I know the hasegawa has great reviews of preserving the edge of your knife really well but what about Hinoki boards? was also recommended to me.