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  1. Scott

    Bought Kamon

    Hey KKF, Looking to pick up a black/dark brown handled Kamon as the last piece to round out what I have. Eventually I’d love the opportunity to get something from Benjamin himself. But I figured that I’ll have a placeholder in the meantime. Let me know if you have anything you’re looking to...
  2. Scott

    Traded /WTS Kamon Monolith 270mm

    Hi KKF, A rarer piece this morning One more to lose for now. I have two pieces from Mr. Kamon and I'd like to let go of one. In terms of trades, I'm looking for List is in relative order of what might convince me - Another Monolith - Xerxes WH - Yanick - theNine - Deep Etch Milan -...
  3. Scott

    Withdrawn Kamon + A Few Others

    Hi KKF, Looking for some right handed knives between 210/245 before they hit BST. Would just like to try more work from the below makers - Kamon Also looking to expand my horizons with stuff from - Bazes - Northside - Merion Forge If you got an extra or one you're willing to part with...
  4. cantdecidewhichone

    SOLD Kamon 246x53m Gyuto

    In today's episode of I'm going to regret this, my Kamon gyuto. Dimensions are 246x53mm Spine is 5.6mm at the heel, 1.7mm halfway, 0.4mm 1cm from the tip Weight is 222g Beautiful work by Ben. Very comfortable and the choil is 👌The handle is a little shorter than usual, at 110mm but it's heavy...