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SOLD Kamon 246x53m Gyuto

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Jul 23, 2021
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Los Angeles
In today's episode of I'm going to regret this, my Kamon gyuto.

Dimensions are 246x53mm
Spine is 5.6mm at the heel, 1.7mm halfway, 0.4mm 1cm from the tip
Weight is 222g

Beautiful work by Ben. Very comfortable and the choil is đź‘ŚThe handle is a little shorter than usual, at 110mm but it's heavy so the balance point is at the pinch grip.

Only been used at home. There are some light scratches on the blade that can buff out. It's been sharpened gently once on my Aizu. Light blue patina too where you can see some banding. Excellent knife overall, selling because I have two more coming from Ben.

Price $950 PayPal/Venmo with shipping to CONUS, Canada + $15. International you can DM. Insurance extra $10.

Here's a video of it (too big to upload to KKF)

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Yeah didn’t expect this one to last very long.