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Traded /WTS Kamon Monolith 270mm

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Sep 7, 2022
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Toronto, Canada

A rarer piece this morning

One more to lose for now. I have two pieces from Mr. Kamon and I'd like to let go of one.

In terms of trades, I'm looking for

List is in relative order of what might convince me

- Another Monolith
- Xerxes WH
- Yanick
- theNine
- Deep Etch Milan
- Rader
- Kaiju
- Something stainless/semi-stainless

Shipping through FedEx gives you extra points as I’m less likely to get slaughtered by customs

There might be other things I'm interested in, feel free to reach out.

Will probably float this for a little, before I confirm a trade/sale.

Kamon 1.2519 270mm (Monolith) - Gyutohiki

Trade Value: $1500USD
Steel: 1.2519
Heel Height: 57.6mm
Edge Length: 275mm
Thickness of Spine at Heel: 5.1mm
Weight: 248g
Handle: Monolith
Finish: Kurouchi
Geometry: Convex Taper
Accompaniments: Saya + Presentation Box

Tested twice. Never sharpened.

Thanks all.

I'd like to keep this within North America for now, unless its a trade deal, to keep my DMs in control.

Will also keep a list of up to 5 people for sale. Apologise in advance if I don't get back to you that means you're not on the list of 5 for sale, I'm just guessing how many DM's I'll get.
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Since this has been a topic before. Handle works pretty comfortably in a pinch grip and the knife is definitely amazing


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Closing my sale's list for now as I have quite a few interested buyers. But also some trade options.