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  1. mariano_r

    WTS Yoshida Hamono ZDP-189 240mm Kiritsuke

    I’m in search for a new home for this knife. Bought in April 2021 with a rosewood handle and leather sheath. Custom built for $500. Asking $425 (includes shipping in US) Blade length: 233 mm Height: 52 mm Width: 2.5mm (roughly) Weight: 236 g It’s my first japanese knife and sadly it’s not...
  2. U

    My very first knife

    Hi guys, I've just moved in a new house with a new kitchen and a new chapter of my life have begin. I would like to make a present to myself, a new kitchen knife. At the moment I own a knife set from zwilling and a Santoku from Kai shun (I know that you're not into the santoku 😂). Reading this...
  3. G

    Looking to buy my first hand-forged knife

    Hey guys, I’m new in the high-quality knives world and I want to buy my first good knife. I will use it mainly at home for cooking for myself, so, more than an efficient knife I´m looking for a knife to be fun to use. LOCATION: United States KNIFE TYPE - Type: Wa-Gyuto / Kiritsuke. Short blade...